K.STAR at Suntec City is our flagship outlet that’s even larger and more eye-catching than the first.
Within are 23 different themed rooms, able to fit from 6 people to 65 people.


We’ve got plenty of neon light decor in our premises, and ceilings full of heart-shaped sculptures
that look like balloons, so it’ll always feel like a party even on any regular day.
Even our entrance is full of photo spots, so don’t be shy to get some snaps!


The place creates a strobe-lit club updated with the latest hits and plenty of neon fluorescent decoration enhancing the ambience to always hype up the mood! Every corner is a photo worthy spot so don't forget to snap a photo! The lovably private rooms that you can rent by the hour, come complete with cute surprises waiting for you! 

All rooms come with a set of the Drinko drinking game and drink roulette,
so go on and order some alcohol for a crazier time.

Party rooms that come with large front projectors, panoramic back screens, and standing microphones. Suitable for corporate bonding and special celebrations like birthdays with a max capacity of 65 people.

● 2 VIP rooms with whimsical dreamscape full of stars against a night sky background. Another with baby pink and blue colour theme and a quirky rocking chair.

● VVIP: The largest room, with a club lounge vibe. Long rows of booth seats allow for huge groups to be seated comfortably.

Apart from the standard monitor screen in front, our Panorama Rooms come with back wall projections for a more immersive experience. Standing microphones are provided. Fits 20 people. ​ 

​ ● 3 panorama rooms consisting of tropical pink room, KAWS theme and a Cat-lovers theme.

To accommodate larger groups of up to 15 people, these 4 rooms follow 2 contrasting themes. ​

​ ●Stylish green and black KAWS room and fresh tropical theme with leaves all over a pink background.

12 attractive and adorable theme rooms that suits any gathering.

Themes consist of LINE bear, Doraemon, Simpsons, Sesame Street, Hello Kitty, Pikachu, How To Train Your Dragon, Swimming pool design, Unicorns and Rainforest!